About Us

Great Elm Solutions is pioneering a new model for a vital U.S. workforce. Our mission is to provide companies with dual advantages: experts in your industry, when you need them, at a reasonable cost; and a well-trained workforce that gives you an alternative to the offshoring of jobs.

We specialize in helping clients resolve the complex business challenges they face today while positioning them to optimize their growth opportunities for tomorrow. We implement practical solutions that deliver immediate results as we develop sustainable and competitive long-term strategies.

Great Elm Solutions is not your typical consulting firm. As a mission-focused organization, we were founded to create a new workforce model that will ensure a sustainable supply of trained resources, leveraging onshore U.S. residents, while still allowing for a reasonable cost arbitrage.

We will achieve our mission through partnerships with U.S. colleges, universities, and vocational schools to develop training programs and workforce centers that will increase the number of trained professionals available to companies across the globe. Our objective is to train and deploy 10,000 capable resources by 2010 by partnering closely with our clients to solve their long-term staffing needs within the United States.

We offer expertise and seasoned insight acquired through years of leadership in a wide range of industries from financial services and telecommunications to law and government. Our clients span from emerging companies coping with challenges of growth and competition to Fortune 100 firms looking to lead their competition by streamlining processes, reducing cost structures, introducing premier products and services, or developing new technical advantages.

Great Elm Solutions is a new-breed consulting company that provides real-world business expertise, results-oriented solutions, strategic guidance, and global market-competitive fee structures to our clients while continuously investing in our local talent and resources.

Our Approach

  • Collaborate as trusted advisors
  • Deliver custom solutions, not off-the-shelf templates
  • Ensure sustainable success

Great Elm Solutions brings wide-ranging expertise and real-world focus to your business needs, and we apply these qualities with a sense of urgency and commitment.

We balance the exigencies of cost, timing, and optimal results to create strategies that are actionable and right for your business. Our solutions are not off-the-shelf templates adapted to your business. We collaborate with you as trusted advisors—to bring focus to your business issues and to clarify your options—honestly and objectively.

Because we provide guidance from a real business perspective, we are accustomed to operating under pressure and within constraints. We know that business issues are no less challenging when resources are scarce. Too often, that is when real insight is hardest to find. We work with you to find solutions that offer an immediate return on your investment.

Put simply, we collaborate with you to deliver the results you need. More importantly, we equip you to sustain those results once they are achieved.

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